Duck Eggs

Longwood Whites – Free range woodland duck eggs

Here at Longwood Farm we pride ourselves in the welfare of our Pekin ducks which are reared in our unique woodland environment. Our ducks are free to waddle around their woodland range from dawn till dusk, our ducks enjoy foraging under the coppiced hazzle trees and ancient oak trees enhancing their diet and ensuring that they are always comfortable & content.

Our Pekin ducks are not only housed in the very best housing within their woodland environment they are fed the highest quality feed. In addition to their tasty wholesome feed they forage in the woodland which enriches their diet further. The result is a great tasting, wholesome and nutritious egg!

Our duck eggs are collected from the nest boxes early morning, they are then gently washed with warm water and candled for cracks or any blood spots and stamped with our woodland logo which contains our farm holding number for full traceability. We don’t bleach our eggs or use cuticle removing chemicals throughout this process as we believe our eggs should be 100% natural.

Packing, pricing & delivery

Our duck eggs are available on trays of 20 & boxed in cases of 20 dozen or in half dozen packs. We offer competitive trade prices and deliver to the local area, please contact us for further details.

       Why duck eggs?

  • Duck eggs are richer in taste and are great for baking (try them in your Yorkshire pudding mix!). They are particularly delicious poached, scrambled or simply fried.
  • Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs so contain more yolk than white which provides more protein (9g compared to 6g). Protein helps balance blood sugar levels keeping you feeling fuller for longer (appetite management) and maintaining energy levels
  • Duck eggs contain more vitamin A, vitamin B12 and iron than chicken eggs. Iron is needed for red blood cell production and energy production. Vitamin A is needed for new cell development and helps maintain optimal eyesight. Vitamin B12 is vital for a healthy brain and nervous system.
  • Duck eggs have more omega 3 fats than chicken eggs; omega 3 fats are important for healthy skin, joints and brain function and are converted by the body into anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Duck eggs are also a good source of the minerals selenium (an important mineral for a healthy immune system, thyroid function and healthy aging) and phosphorus (important for bone health) compared to chicken eggs.

       Duck eggs contain more fat than chicken eggs (10g compared to 5g), fat is a vital source of calories for energy, fat is also vital for brain and skin health

Duck Egg Recipes

Soft Boiled Duck Egg

Soft-boiled duck egg with bacon & asparagus soldiers.

Duck Egg & Black Pudding

Mellow black pudding with crispy croutons and a wonderfully rich duck egg. Topped off with a scattering of nutty, mature Gruyère cheese.