Longwood Farm

Wholesale duck and quail eggs

Longwood Farm is set in an idyllic part of rural Berkshire. The farm is mostly made up of woodland, the largest of which the farm itself is named after. Longwood is believed to have once serviced the queen’s blacksmiths due to its large understorey of hazel which was coppiced & used to fuel the Furnesses.

Longwood Farm is a family run business which Robert & Jodie Taylor started in 2016 with just 600 Pekin ducks. The farm now houses over three thousand ducks in our mobile sheds & we rear our ducks from day old chicks in our purpose-built facility. The farm also now has a large quail barn which houses our Japonica Coturnix quail which arrive at the farm from a reliable hatchery.

Duck Eggs

Delicious eggs laid by our free range Pekin ducks, reared in our ancient Berkshire woodlands.

Duck Meat

For the future

Quail Eggs

A delicate tasty egg perfect for canapés, starters & salads. 

Where to buy our eggs

We are proud to work with

Riverways Farm

“Longwood Farm’s duck & quail eggs have been very popular both in our retail gate sales “The Egg Box” as well as with our wholesale customers. Longwood Farm offer a reliable supply all year round & their eggs are always of the highest quality. I would highly recommend both the duck & quail eggs to any retail customer or wholesaler.”
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Lycroft Eggs

We have worked with quail & duck egg producers before however none that offer the reliable all year round supply that Longwood Farm does. The eggs are always of the highest quality & we would recommend them to any wholesaler or retailer”
Lycroft Eggs

Please contact 01489 877585 for further details

Stoke Farm Free Range Eggs

“Stokes Farm have distributed Longwood Farm’s duck & quail eggs for a number of years now. It is rare to work with a farm who can offer a reliable supply all year round. The feedback from our customers has been sensational and we are delighted to offer these alongside our free range chicken eggs which we produce here on the farm.”
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John Torrid Farm

Our duck & quail eggs are now available to buy from the John Torrid Farm shop along with their farm fresh free range chicken eggs.
Please drop in (John Torrid Farm, Drift Road, Beenhams Heath, RG10 0QQ) or visit their Facebook page for more details.

Beechwood Eggs

“Beechwood Eggs have produced free range chicken eggs for the last 60 years and are delighted to have worked closely with Longwood Farm for a number of years. Their duck & quail eggs have proved extremely popular with our customers and we would highly recommend them. Longwood Farm have always offered a reliable all year round supply & work with the same values as us meaning that local fresh eggs never tasted so good.”
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